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Why Logan Car Service online reservation is more practical?

When you arrange an online reservation, Logan Car Service will immediately send a confirmation number via email and sometimes you can benefit from Airport Car Service low online rates. When making an online reservation, you will enter your information in a correct way and directly into Logan Car Service system and this can save you time. Just make sure that you enter the correct email address.

Why do I need to make a reservation ahead of time?

Always make sure to book your online reservation at least 24 hours before your pickup time, to guarantee that our Car Service to Logan will have a vehicle available for you.

Why your online booking system is showing a different price?

You are not seeing the total price because Logan Car Service system is just showing the base rate, which does not include the other fees. Car Service to Logan is doing good efforts every day to make our prices better and better. Please make your reservation and we will adjust your rate at the office by giving you a discount. Logan Car Service system will not charge your card immediately. All charges are handled manually by our manager.

How can I reserve my return trip?

The best way to book for a return trip is to make two separate reservations so that you can receive two confirmation emails. Once you make your first reservation, you will see a question online if you want to make a reservation for the return. In case you answer yes, the system will immediately make a return reservation for you, and then you can just enter the information needed.

What should be the pick-up time for airport arrivals?

When making an online reservation, do not forget to set your pick-up time exactly the same as the flight landing time. Since Logan Car Service has a valid flight number we will keep tracking your flight and you have 30 min free wait time for Domestic flights and 1 Hour for International flights. Once you get your luggage and you are ready for the pick-up, just call Logan Car Service office to guide you to your driver.

Will you charge my credit card if my flight is cancelled?

No. we will not charge your credit card if your flight is cancelled for your airport arrival. Since we have your flight number on file, we will know about your flight cancellation. Once you update your flight information do not forget to give us a call to modify your pick up. But keep in mind to inform Logan Car Service about your flight cancellation when you have an airport departure.




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