Five amazing hotels to rest in Boston


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When you think about a visit to Boston, obviously you will think about reserving a room in one of the Boston’s hotels. But the non-Bostonian visitors will be afraid to reserve at a hotel that they are not familiar with. This problem is no longer exists with Car Service to Logan. Just book a car with our transportation company and then be sure that the chauffeur will take you any hotel you want. All what you need to do is to call our dispatchers, give them the hotel’s name and then they will locate it immediately. No matter where you want to rest in. Even if you prefer to book in the Financial District or the north end, you can always find a plenty of high class hotels. In this article we will let you discover four of the best places to stay in Boston.

    1. Loews Hotel

This Back Bay hotel is located at 154 Berkeley Street in Boston. In the past, it was the Boston’s police residence, but today is renovated to be one of the best hotels in Boston. The Loews Hotel is famous for its luxurious rooms and the nearness to a number of historic spots of Boston In addition to offering 225 big guest rooms. But your visit to this hotel will not be great without eating one of the delicious dishes in the Precinct Kitchen + bar restaurant

  1. The Boston Harbor Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel that can provide an extraordinary luxury, you can’t find more than Boston Harbor Hotel that is located at 70 Rowes Wharf. By reserving a room there, you can take pleasure in the wonderful sights that you can see from the hotel such as the Rose Kennedy Greenway and the Boston Harbor in addition to benefit from many Restaurants, Bars, and Fitness center.

  1. The Nine Zero Hotel

As its name indicates this hotel is located at 90 Tremont Street and what makes it special is its location close to many historic Boston Attractions like Chinatown, Public Garden, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Boston Common and so on. The reason behind choosing this hotel by many people is being one of the limited hotels which are pet friendly hotels in Boston, as well as provide free Wi-Fi and in-room massage expert services.

4. The Langham Hotel

This unique Hotel is nestled in the Financial District exactly at 250 Franklin Street. The Langham guests can benefit from the excellent welcome and the luxurious service from the hotel’s working team. For those who adore chocolate dishes, the extraordinary Cafe Fleuri in the hotel can serve the most delicious chocolate dishes every Saturday. What is special in this hotel is being more than a hotel. It is a place hosting different events like weddings and meetings.




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